Involved in social responsibility - Guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI, "Light by the Lake" - Colibiţa, Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Beyond implementing a dynamic business perspective, management of the Guest House LUMINA LACULUI, "Light by the Lake", Colibiţa, Carpathian Mountains, Romania, considers it their duty also to address the challenges at the fringes of Romanian society. As its social responsibility, LUMINA LACULUI extends practical help in the areas of social and human poverty. All surplus earnings generated are donated to the relief organization Asociaţa Misionară "El rămâne credincios" in Botosani, North-East Romania.


The relief organization Asociaţa Misionară "El rămâne credincios" belongs to the German missionary and relief organization Missionswerk Osteuropa, "Er bleibt treu" e.V. (MWO).


Whereby MWO perceives God's calling as a duty and privilege to serve in the areas of the marginalized groups of the Romanian society. MWO's target groups are the poor families and especially underprivileged children, who live in an environment of poverty and only too often in an environment of neglect and abuse into which they are born.


The main activities of the Asociaţa Misionară are:

Social Responsiblity

For more details please contact directly Asociaţa Misionară "El rămâne credincios", Str. Iuliu Maniu 5, 710336 Botosani, Romania, Tel. 0040 (0)231-51 27 70, Mobile: 0040 (0)744-29 70 38 or directly to the German Missionswerk Osteuropa "Er bleibt treu" in Forthausen 26, D-42929 Wermelskirchen, Germany, Tel. : 0049 (0)2193-33 61, Inge-Maria Noack, Mathias Noack. Visit MWO's website: 

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