Hunting holiday at the Guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI, "Light by the Lake", Colibiţa, Carpathian Mountains, Romania

The comfort of our house, the friendly staff and excellent cuisine will spoil your needs before and after hunting.

The remote location our guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI, "Light by the Lake" in the vast Eastern Carpathian Mountains of Romania makes it an ideal home for the hunter away from his home. At a height of almost 900 meters (2,952 feet) the guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI takes over the role of a Base Camp for the hunter and his group. The hunting areas extend over the surrounding mountains up to 2000 meters   (6,561 feet) height. Forests cover these wide terrains in which very few people live.


The LUMINA LACULUI team, under the direction of Lutz Noack, works closely together with the local Romanian hunters and their associations. Principles of hunting ethics and environmentally conscious behavior are strictly adhered to. Of course, hunting is allowed only under license. The licenses will be obtained for hunting guests through the management of our guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI.


The hunting season is all year round. Depending on the time of year, certain types of game will be hunted, while others rest and breed.


For the booking of your hunting holiday at our guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI please contact us at, either the German liaison office of LUMINA LACULUI in Wermelskirchen, Forthausen, Germany, telephone 49- (0)2193-3361, or directly at our guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI in Colibiţa, Romania, phone 40- (0)263 265 570 and ask for Lutz Noack. You can also contact us via email at:

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