Driving directions to the Guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI, "Light by the Lake", Colibiţa, Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Driving Directions


On the way from Bistriţa Vatra-Dornei you pass through a series of communities, all with the name "Bărgăului" such as: Rusu Bărgăului, Josenii Bărgăului, Mijlocenii Bărgăului, Susenii Bărgăului, Prundul Bărgăului, Tiha Bărgăului and Muresenii Bărgăului.


In Prundu Bărgăului one turns right after the church.


From there you come to another city called Bistriţa Bărgăului on the way to Colibiţa.


The majority of the population in the area lives off agriculture and forestry, livestock and wood processing.


After exiting Bistriţa Bărgăului gentle slopes winds their way up the road and up the hills. The landscape is getting wilder.


After about 17 km drive from Bistriţa Bărgăului you reach the waterdam of the reservoir of Colibiţa. At first you only see a small part of the lake.


But as soon as you enter Colibiţa, you will discover the impressive dimension of the lake. A "small" off-road cruise around the lake takes about 2 hours (a SUV would be recommended).


During this tour you can admire nature's beauty. In the distance you can make out the summits of the mountains bordering on the lake: Strunioru and Bistricioru.


At a distance of only 1.5 km from the dam, to the right hand side of the road, you will find our Guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI, "Light by the Lake".  


Whether it is summer or winter, spring or autumn, you will receive a very warm welcome all year round. You have arrived.




Summer Street view - arrival at the Guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI, Colibiţa, Romania
Drive-In from the main road - Guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI, Colibiţa, Romania
Winter Street view - arrival at the Guesthouse LUMINA LACULUI, Colibiţa, Romania
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